Breathe Again

Heard from Jai this morning.

She said Placement didn’t accept the conditional nomination. We have to wait until Mid-May when the new quarter opens up to see if there are spots available for us, which would make our conditional departure date April-June of 2014. But it’s okay.

I was pretty upset about this whole thing a few days ago, but now I’m alright with it. This gives me a lot more time to get my health in order. I have some “internal” issues that I’m 100% sure would have caused me fail the medical portion. There’s no way we would’ve made it to our January departure date even if Husband were qualified.

This also gives us a lot more time to pay off our credit card bills, pay off the huge amount that’s over due at NYU, and get a place of our own. I have decided to withdraw from NYU (for real for real this time) so that I can focus on my body rehab and not have to stress about it. Plus, what’s the point of moving to NY for just one year, or fitting the Peace Corps into those two years of the program. There are so many amazing graduate school opportunities for AFTER the Peace Corps, I know something will work out for me.

In the meantime, Husband and I will be looking for a place of our own because I cannot handle being in our parents’ homes for much longer. I am losing my mind. We have been living out of our element for about 4 months, and it’s affecting us tremendously. We’ll be moving to Athens, I’ll be finding a job just to pass the time by, help with bills, and spend these next few months getting well.

I have been up to my EYEBALLS in stress, trying to figure out where to go, what to do, how to make it work, what to choose, and I finally feel some relief. Granted, our plan ended up being one of the last possible options we wanted, but in the end it’s leading us to one of our goals that we felt was the farthest out of reach. We have been totally against staying in Atlanta, near or around it, but it’s what’s best at this point, AND we get to go to the Peace Corps some time next year!! So we’re game.

Things are finally looking up for us.

Sounds About Right.

Sounds About Right.


Life: 6 Jenn&Tommy: 0

My Husband and I must have been some horribly shitty people in our past lives because when I say that we cannot seem to catch a break, there is absolutely no exaggeration in those words, whatsoever!

It hadn’t even been 24 hours since our PC advisor Jai told us that she was nominating us for a program leaving in January, when we experienced our first real heartbreak. She informed me before we left her office that I would be hearing from the Medical Officers the very next day to expedite my medical forms for pre-clearance. Sure enough, by noon the next day I received the email. “Congrats on your nomination…” it started, and went on to include the EIGHT separate forms I’d need to have filled out and instructions on what materials to include.

It was official. My application status had been changed to “Nominated” and I was BEAMING with excitement. I called right away to my doctors and surgeons in Statesboro to make a day trip, three hours away, to personally drop off the forms and explain the importance of abiding by the instructions and meeting the deadlines. I have less than a month to submit the forms to the Medical Officers online. Jai also told me to be expecting an official nomination by that same morning, but it never came.

I waited and waited for the nomination email, but what I got instead nearly knocked me off my feet:

Caption via email

Caption via email

I was devastated. I cried as soon as I exited the email. I called Husband right away, and the first thing out of his mouth was, “I’m so sorry babe, this is all my fault.” I went from sad to livid in 2 seconds flat.

“No, it’s not your fault Husband. It’s HER fault. How could she miss something like that! You don’t go telling someone that you’re nominating them for a program and then say Ha just kidding your GPA isn’t high enough!! How did she miss that? That’s one of the first things she should have seen!”

At this point, I’m just over it. I’m over LIFE just shitting on us every chance it gets. Maybe Placement will consider letting us into the next program, if not, who knows when a program will pop up for the two of us. I simply responded to Jai letting her know that I am open to doing whatever it is that I can to open up our eligibility for programs. I’ll learn whatever skill, trade, or language is necessary to make sure we can get placed somewhere to serve sooner rather than later.

Jai dropped the ball with this one, but hopefully she’ll figure something out to make up for it.