Chronicles of the Broke-Down Bronx

Husband and I have been in New York for about four weeks now. We’ve been staying in the Bronx with my grandma, and boy has it been a whirlwind already! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been JUST three weeks, and it feels more unreal that we’re actually here…

The Bronx really isn’t all that pretty, (our opinion) but our trips in and out of the city have definitely made this move FEEL all the more worth while! We have a little over an hour commute (1 bus, 1 train) to NYU, where I take two classes once a week. I arranged them both on Tuesday, so Husband and I get to walk around and discover the village in between them. While I’m in class, he spends his time wandering around just gazing at our new scenery! Just last week he told me he stumbled upon Georgetown Cupcakes SOHO! So far, he seems to be loving New York.

Vanilla & Chocolate. Red Velvet. The most amazing cupcakes we've ever had in our lives.

Vanilla & Chocolate. Red Velvet. The most amazing cupcakes we’ve ever had in our lives.

Central Park

Central Park

As for me, I’m loving NYU. I’ve got two really awesome professors. One who has the most amazing sense of humor and the other is a defense attorney, and is as sharp as a whistle. I was lucky enough to be transferred over in to the extended program, so even though I don’t get to spend much time on campus, it’s really worked out in my favor. For one, the Baby Brain myth is real! I can’t seem to focus outside of the classroom at all! I find myself struggling with the readings, and while I’m sure the fact that I’ve been out of school for so long doesn’t help, I’m pretty sure it’s the baby. Especially now that I can feel him kicking!

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HBSE-1. Social Policy. NY Times. Ugh.

HBSE-1. Social Policy. NY Times. Ugh.

Baby's 20 weeks!

Baby’s 20 weeks!

Everything is so different here; I think we’re (more Husband than I) experiencing quite the culture shock. Look, I was born in New York and both sides of my family have lived in the Bronx all of their lives… but we’re just not about this Bronx life. The poverty rates are astronomical. The crime, the deficiencies in education, and the quality of life here very different than what we’re used to. We are living right now in a fairly decent neighborhood, but I don’t want to raise our son here. We’re just not that interested. The Bronx is also very far removed from EVERYTHING. We have over an hour commute to NYU, and just the other day we went to a Housewarming party in Brooklyn, for a girlfriend of mine from Seattle to also moved here for grad school and lives in Windsor Terrace, and it took us almost 2 hours both ways to get there. There are no Trader Joe’s, no Whole Foods, no nice stores or boutiques, no quaint coffee shops or café’s here in the Bronx, and that’s what we’re looking for.

Look... Between the trash and the cigarette smoke... Not about it.

Look… Between the trash and the cigarette smoke… Not about it.

The only real positive we’re getting out of being here, is being around some of my family member that I haven’t seen in YEARS. My paternal grandparents live just a few blocks away from my maternal grandmother (who we live with currently) and it’s been wonderful to be able to finally spend some quality time with them. While it sucks that I can’t share my pregnancy with my parents, who I “left behind” in Georgia, I do get to share this experience with my grandparents. Oh, and boy do they LOVE Husband! Things are working out fairly well here. The weather is starting to change, which puts a little pressure on the apartment hunt. THAT in and of itself is a nightmare, but within the next few weeks, we’ll be starting that adventure. Ideally we want a place before the dead of winter hits and obviously before the baby comes. There’s just no space here at grandma’s house for an additional person, little as they may be. Husband is sleeping on a daybed, and I’m sleeping on an air mattress as it is!

Husband with my little cousin.

Husband with my little cousin.

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The End of a Nightmare, and the Start of Something Beautiful

Remember the last time I said I was back, and then actually disappeared again? Well, this time we’re back. FOR GOOD!!

Things have been insanely hectic from my last post up until now, and they aren’t looking to be any less crazy!

This summer things were looking pretty bleak for us, we were stuck bouncing back and forth between my mom’s house and Husband’s dad’s house with no real plan. Well that’s not true, we had several plans; they were just constantly flopping. I had this big financial hold on my account that was keeping me from registering for graduate classes back at NYU, which in essence was keeping us stuck in Atlanta. We kept losing our Peace Corps nominations, which was really hard for us because the process is so long as it is! Husband was working at this really whack start-up, and his paychecks were being BLOWN by the bills that were accumulating on my behalf. My surgeries last year resulted in over $2000 in medical bills that were all either in or headed for collections. We were really struggling to stay afloat, and then I somehow managed to get pregnant. A feat, we just KNEW would not be possible. I had been dealing with infertility long before my husband, but even after the surgeries last year to remove the Endo, we were still having trouble getting pregnant. We sort of just accepted the “sentence” and decided to focus our energy on other things like graduate school and the Peace Corps and put the baby making off for a while. This year has been a very testing time for Husband and I. We’ve been to the bottom of the barrel together and I’m just beyond blessed to know how far he’d go and how much he’d sacrifice for me.

Currently, our baskets are overflowing with blessings!

1. One of Husband’s cousins donated the rest of the money I needed to pay off my financial hold, so I was able to register for all the classes I needed WITH the specific professors I wanted! Even better, NYU really worked with me and transferred me into the Extended Program so that I could have lighter course load this semester with the pregnancy, and next semester when the baby comes! February really isn’t that far away!
2. Obviously that means we’ve moved to New York!! During the last week of August, we really decided to step out on faith. We packed Husband’s car with the essentials and made the 14 hour drive to NY. We currently staying with my cute ass grandma in the Bronx, which is super close to tons of my family members, until we are able to find our own place.
3. NYU gave me a nice big stipend, (ha, yea right, more like a refund check of student loans I’ll be paying back until I’m 104) which allowed me to pay off every bill but one from collections and get us all caught up financially. I’ve finally been able to afford maternity pants. (Thank the Baby Gods!!)
4. Oh man, we got a Peace Corps nomination!! The new quarter opened up in August, but when we didn’t hear from our recruited Jai, I sorted of just gave up hope. I was really procrastinating in telling her about the pregnancy, perhaps because I wasn’t really ready to accept that fact that I had to withdraw our applications. When I woke up to our nominations last week, I balled my eyes out. I really wanted to serve with the Peace Corps, since high school. But hey, perhaps we’ll reapply in 18-20 years when Baby Son is grown and on his own.
5. Our baby is super healthy and developing wonderfully. I can feel him kicking and I can even see my stomach bouncing around sometimes! It’s so cool! I even feel a million times better than the previous 20 weeks. I tire very easily, and I have a really hard time focusing in class, but hey if the baby is good, then so am I!

I just wanted to take this post, to thank you guys for sticking through the trenches with us during our really questionable times. Your support has meant everything to me! We are beyond blessed to finally have things working out and we look so forward to sharing our new New York City experiences with you!