Hi guys!!

Welcome back to our blog! Or just WELCOME TO OUR BLOG for your first timers!!

Since last month, there have been lots of crazy changes! Well maybe not lots, but just ONE big, huge, giant change.

Husband and I still have heard nothing from the Peace Corps, but we really shouldn’t hear anything back until August anyways, that’s when the new quarter opens up.

The NYU thing is still pretty stagnant; the monetary help hasn’t come in just yet, which means i still haven’t been able to register for classes for the fall semester which begins in SEPTEMBER!!!


But here’s the big bomb… We’re pregnant!!

I don’t know how… I mean, obviously I do… but really I don’t. Husband and I keep joking that our GYN managed to find a loop hole in our infertility with her all-natural products and holistic treatments and medicines, ESPECIALLY considering we only had sex like… 4 times in May.

Divine Intervention.

So now, we’re just trying to decide what the hell we’re going to do all over again. Where to go. Where to settle down. With not much time!




11 thoughts on “June ICLW

  1. OH OH OH thats such good news! I am so happy for the two of you! How wonderful when things just work out the way they are suppose to, πŸ˜€

    Peace corps? HOW EXCITING! Good luck with school πŸ˜€ I am a student myself

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