June Blog Challenge, Post VIII: SAHM?

Here’s the prompt for Day 8 of the June Blog Challenge over at Waiting for Baby.

If you had a choice- SAHM?

If I had the choice to be a Stay At Home Mom, I’d probably absolutely take the opportunity, especially if it were manageable financially; f we were able to live off of one income for a few years. I’ve never had kids, but I can only imagine how expensive childcare services can become up until elementary school.

Husband and I talked about this the other day, when I was mentioning a super cool blog I read about a stay at home dad, and I was pretty surprised to hear him say he’d be open to being a SAHD if things worked out that way!

I also think, and this is just my opinion here, that when you deal with infertility or struggle to bring your baby to term, the desire to want to be around your baby is greater. If Husband and I were to one day, finally be able to have a baby, there’s NO WAY you’d be able to take him/her out of my sight!!


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