The Doctor Helps My Body, But Not My Pockets

I decided today that I’m going to take a break from my Lady Doctor. I’ve been seeing a new OB/GYN who specializes in homeopathic treatments, and although she’s amazing, she’s even more expensive. I’ve been seeing her regularly every two weeks for quite some time now, but I’ve got to stop, at least for a little while.

Husband’s been working really hard to support us on his income alone and these doctor’s visits are becoming a bit overwhelming for him financially, and for me physically. I was scheduled for a follow-up appointment tomorrow, but we’re so strapped for cash, I didn’t really have a choice but to reschedule. Besides our financial situation, I’m honestly not even sure what the point is for all these visits. Nothing seems to be working, but it’s costing me over $100 every time I leave her office, on medications alone, not including the copay!

Two weeks ago, I left her office with a small bag full of medications, all of which I listed in this post, and I honestly don’t feel or notice any difference. Let me just follow up with you really quickly on some of those medications.

I was given a big bottle of liquid silver, in which to consume 3 ounces daily. By the third day of consuming the silver I was in the worst shape ever. I was having terrible migraines, flu-like symptoms, and I even had a mild hallucination one morning! After doing some research, I discovered I was consuming Colloidal Silver, which isn’t even safe for consumption and according to everything I found online, doesn’t have any proven benefits! I immediately stopped taking it!

I was also prescribed a first-aid Silver topical ointment for the painful sex situation, and I’ve only used it a few times, but it has definitely helped! My lady parts were still a bit tender for a day or two after sex, but there was a significant change in the intensity. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like I was having sex with a rusty fork. We’ll consider that a WIN!!

I was also prescribed estroDIM, which is supposed to block estrogen production and eat up the excess estrogen in my body. I take two doses daily. I don’t really know if I’m supposed to notice any changes in my body, but the ones I am noticing, I’m not thrilled about! I am breaking out like a teenager during puberty. I mean my skin looks disgusting! I RARELY break out on my back! It’s so gross! My face, my chest, and my back are all broken out and I’m miserable about it! I have always had an issue with breakouts, blackheads, and oily skin because 1) I don’t manage stress very well and 2) because that’s a telltale symptom of PCOS, but as of the past three weeks… I mean, eww. I don’t even want to leave the house. It’s embarrassing.

All in all, I’ve been taking some pretty strong probiotics and vitamins to support the estroDIM, and I’ve got a pretty awesome remedy for the painful sex thing, so I think I’ll just stop right here and take a hiatus from visiting her. Her products cost way too much for me to handle right now anyways. I’ve got enough of the estroDIM and probotics to last me the rest of the month, so I’ll revisit her some time in July. This will give Husband and I a chance to channel that money elsewhere, and I can have a break from pill popping!

There is, however, one doctor that I actually SERIOUSLY need to see…. A colon specialist…


8 thoughts on “The Doctor Helps My Body, But Not My Pockets

  1. By chance are you taking fish oil pills. I too have, or had PCOS, and on one of my many treatments started breaking out and had even more oily skin and it turned out to be the fish oil. Just a thought. I commend you for going the natural route. I refused drugs when my fertility specialist tried to put me on them and approached it the all natural way. I was finally cleared of PCOS last November and am ovulating just 1 egg (finally not a bushel of grapes) last November.

    • No, i don’t fish oil pills because they upset my digestive tract, and they’re pretty damn disgusting to burp up! I’ve been trying my best to go natural because it seems each medication just leads me to another one! My doctor has been considering putting me on Metformin, a diabetes medication, to help control my elevated insulin levels because of the PCOS, but i really don’t know much about it. Cleared of PCOS?! Congrats to you!!!!!!

      • That damn metformin is what they tried to put me on too. I left that doctors office crying. Yes, I am cured of PCOS. Of course, I have a hereditary tendency to it so I will stick to what I am doing for life so I don’t end up polycystic again. It runs strong in my family. U can see my transformation photos from when I first found out I had it on my web page. I still hate seeing the photos but it reminds me so I don’t go back to my old ways. Thanks for the congrats!

      • WOW! What did think of Metformin? What did they say when they suggested it to you? I’m just beyond witt’s end with trying to manage my body. My PCOS is affecting my Endometrosis and they are both keeping me infertile. I’ve been considering getting on BC for a year so i can at least get some help with my hormones & Endo pain, so i can focus on getting my body better through diet & exercise. i’m just so skeptical, i guess. nothing seems to be working! You look great BTW!!

      • My aunt took metformin to lose weight and did but I am a strong believer that if its not done naturally, it just comes back when u get off the drugs. I read a great book by Jillian Michaels called “Master Your Metabolism” and that is where I started. I stuck to the “lifestyle” change and it worked. But it did take time. I do not have endometriosis though. My good friend does and did a surgery where they go through the belly button and cartarize the scar tissue. It took away all the pain. In fact, she ended up pregnant accidentally afterward because it freed up the Fallopian tubes.

      • Thanks for the book suggestion! I’m definitely going to look it up, and that’s exactly my reservation about Metformin. I don’t want to start a drug dependency and then my body go haywire again once I remove it from my system. That sounds like a laparoscopy; I had one back in August as well, and am thoroughly convinced that everything i’ve been eating coupled with the PCOS is continuing to keep me infertile. I don’t think my lap was as effective! I’m so glad you found me! Your site is really cool!

      • Yes Laparoscopy! I could not remember. I am so sorry it did not have the same results for u. I am glad I found u too. Knowledge is power! I wish I had someone to guide me a year ago. I was so alone with it.

      • They suggested the metformin as a quick way to get my hormones and insulin in check. Insulin Resistance is the root cause of PCOS. But it is not the only way. I think I should write a blog post on what I have learned. I have done an obscene amount if research. I obsess easily and was determined to get rid of the problem. Thanks for the motivation. I will start that tonight.

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