June Blog Challenge, Post III: Indulgences

Here’s the prompt for Day 3 of the June Blog Challenge over at Waiting for Baby.

What is your biggest indulgence?

This is actually a pretty tough question, and I’m honestly unsure of what the answer is. I asked Husband what he thought was my biggest indulgence and he was stumped too! I guess I can list three things that I indulge in, but I am not sure which one is the biggest:

1. Piping Hot Showers: I don’t think there is anything more amazing than a super hot shower. I’m an extreme water waster in this regard as my showers are usually no shower than 30 minutes long! Besides my obsession with being, feeling, and smelling CLEAN, I do a lot of my daily soul searching in the shower. That’s probably the only place I can really, vulnerably sort through my day, or my troubles. My best therapeutic shower sessions leave the bathroom so steamy, you can hardly see in front of you, and when I finally step out of the bathroom, my hair is so frizzy and my skin is so beet red. God, I love that!



2. Chocolate: I am such a chocolate fiend! Especially when I’m PMSing. The downside though, is that my skin is so sensitive to chocolate. I just can’t ever seem to have enough though: chocolate bars, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream…. Because I’m an emotional eater, chocolate stands in my first line of defense.

You Gotta Try This!

You Gotta Try This!

3. Empanadas: My mom used to make empanadas for me as a kid, but she never made them often. I knew, instantly, from the smell that crept into my room, when she was cooking empanadas from scratch. Everything about an empanada makes me melt! The crunchy, bubbly dough, the savory, perfectly season beef in the inside, the mixture of flavors of peppers and onions, and seasonings, all the way down to the red grease that drips and travels down your arm as you bite into one! OH MY GOD!!! I learned how to make them myself about a year or so ago, and I understand why she never made them often. They’re a bit messy to make! When I do make them, I can go through 3-4 of them on my own!! They are my absolute FAVORITE Spanish food on the planet!!!!



I’m starting to think #3 is my biggest indulgence! What are some of yours?


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