Breathe Again

Heard from Jai this morning.

She said Placement didn’t accept the conditional nomination. We have to wait until Mid-May when the new quarter opens up to see if there are spots available for us, which would make our conditional departure date April-June of 2014. But it’s okay.

I was pretty upset about this whole thing a few days ago, but now I’m alright with it. This gives me a lot more time to get my health in order. I have some “internal” issues that I’m 100% sure would have caused me fail the medical portion. There’s no way we would’ve made it to our January departure date even if Husband were qualified.

This also gives us a lot more time to pay off our credit card bills, pay off the huge amount that’s over due at NYU, and get a place of our own. I have decided to withdraw from NYU (for real for real this time) so that I can focus on my body rehab and not have to stress about it. Plus, what’s the point of moving to NY for just one year, or fitting the Peace Corps into those two years of the program. There are so many amazing graduate school opportunities for AFTER the Peace Corps, I know something will work out for me.

In the meantime, Husband and I will be looking for a place of our own because I cannot handle being in our parents’ homes for much longer. I am losing my mind. We have been living out of our element for about 4 months, and it’s affecting us tremendously. We’ll be moving to Athens, I’ll be finding a job just to pass the time by, help with bills, and spend these next few months getting well.

I have been up to my EYEBALLS in stress, trying to figure out where to go, what to do, how to make it work, what to choose, and I finally feel some relief. Granted, our plan ended up being one of the last possible options we wanted, but in the end it’s leading us to one of our goals that we felt was the farthest out of reach. We have been totally against staying in Atlanta, near or around it, but it’s what’s best at this point, AND we get to go to the Peace Corps some time next year!! So we’re game.

Things are finally looking up for us.

Sounds About Right.

Sounds About Right.


10 thoughts on “Breathe Again

  1. Hi from ICLW, I think the peace corps sounds like a fascinating time. Hope you and your husband have a great time doing that. good luck with the health issues. Hugs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey I told you everything would work out for the best lol. But seriously though I think God helped you all figure out what you need to do. I mean your right Grad school opportunities will be there afterwards and the Peace Corps is still going to happen so why not focus on the things that will allow you to achieve those dreams i.e. improving your health and decreasing your stress. And i’m sure getting your own place will decrease your stress level significantly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I always told you it would work out. And based on what your saying everything that happened recently happened so that God could help you all figure out what it was you needed to do to benefit you in the long run. I think a lot of your stress will definitely decrease once you are able to get your own place though.

  4. what exciting plans you have! i came over after reading your sweet comment on my blog (ICLW), and imagine my surprise at seeing that you and your husband are going into the Peace Corps. i’m an RPCV (returned peace corps volunteer…just one of many acronyms the two of you will soon be adding to your vocabulary), and i love to hear about other people joining and serving. from what i saw, married couples tended to do really well in their host countries, and i’m sure you two will have an incredible time and do a lot of good. the PC motto is so so true. feel free to pm me or leave me a comment if you ever have questions or need advice about it. the whole application process is long and annoying, but when you finally get to your host country, you’ll realize that it was well worth it. lots of good wishes and warmth to you and your man…future PCVs!

    • How exciting!! I am so glad to have found you! We are so excited and anxious for a placement! We really hope it doesn’t take forever! lol I will definitely be seeking you out for any advice and support in the near future!

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