Jenn & Tommy Sleep Alone

I’m not sure if there are real words to describe how hot it was last night. Imagine the sort of back-of-the-knee sweat, shirt sticking to your back, sheets suddenly feel like flannel, don’t even touch me because I’m so hot, kind of hot. It was bad. So hot that Apollo couldn’t even get comfortable. He must’ve moved to a new spot every few minutes: on the bed, on the floor, under the bed, by the door, in the closet, back on the bed, back to the floor…. And his coat is so overgrown. It’s been such a cold winter, that he needed the length. Husband and I plan to shave him down this weekend though. He short of passed out last night!

Mom’s AC unit has been broken for years. She’s got a terrible habit of NOT fixing things when they “break”. The AC unit in her car has been broken for just as long. This means that in the dead of summer, during the hottest of hottest days, in that nasty Southern humidity, my mother drives from work with no AC, during Rush Hour, to come to a house with no AC. It never bothered me much before, because I knew I would only have to endure the sweltering heat during my visits home. Now… We kind of live here again.

Husband was stripped down to almost nothing while Apollo was dramatically sprawled out on the floor panting heavily, when it occurred to me. My room has always been the hottest room in the summer, and the coldest room in the winter. However, the guest room, right across the hall from mine, has always been one of the more neutral rooms. Never as hot as mine, and never as cold.

“Babe, why don’t you go to the other room for a while and cool off. No one’s been in there so there’s no body heat, no lamp heat, nothing, and take Apollo with you please. He looks miserable,” I stupidly proclaimed to him thinking he’d walk into a 60 degree room and come back with an “all better” attitude. There’s no way he’d stay there anyway. There’s a twin bed in the room, and my 6’4, 290 husband looks ridiculous in it. I really did want him to cool off though, he’s so miserable when he’s hot. “Go.” I reassured him. “I’m fine, I’m not as hot as you are, just go babe.”

He went alright. Took the dog. Never came back.

I woke up all by myself. It must’ve gotten chilly really late into the night because I woke up under my sheet and blanket. I usually wake up alone because Husband leaves for work very early in the morning, but in this particular moment, I felt alone-r. I knew I missed it all. I missed watching him get ready in the morning by the flashlight on his phone because he never wants to turn on the light. I missed him creeping around the room as best he can because in actuality, he walks very loudly. I missed his daily struggle to find his clothes, because he can’t see. I missed his goodbye kiss on my cheek or shoulder, I missed the “I love you and I like you, see you later Wife.” Well, maybe I didn’t miss it, but I definitely slept right through it.

Friggin’ heat!! Damn you, Spring-time. Damn you!

Apollo's feeling much better.

Apollo’s feeling much better.

Little girl. King bed. Lonelier than ever.

Little girl. King bed. Lonelier than ever.


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