One Step Closer

Husband woke me up like an excited little kid on Christmas morning! “Babe, Babe!! She emailed us back. We get to schedule an interview!!” It took me a few seconds for it to hit me. I grabbed my phone to check my email; we’ve been getting the exact same emails separately even though we’ve applied as a couple. Sure enough, there it was: Subject: “Scheduling Interview.”

It took us just a few minutes to choose one of the three listed dates and times and respond back to our regional recruiter. She then informed us that interviews would be around 3 hours long. We’d have an hour each for individual interviews with the final hour dedicated to our couple interview. She also included some questions we should consider and reflect upon prior to our interviews.

So it’s settled, on April 18th Husband and I will have our Peace Corps interviews!!

Husband’s Take:

“I’m very excited for the opportunity we may have to serve in another country for people who actually need help; kids who actually need help learning. It’ll be good to spend a little time away. I’ve got a little bit of an advantage, I’ve been out in the elements before in the military, but now I may get a little more freedom because I won’t be confined to a base. I’m excited. I think we’ll do great in the interviews. I’m a little worried about the individual interview though. I mean, I know why I want to serve so I’m not worried about those questions, but I am worried about the wife questions. I’m really overprotective of you. If they ask me, ‘Hey, let’s say something-something happened to your wife, what would be your response?’ I’ll say something crazy, then I’d blow the interview and we can’t go because they think I’m actually crazy. I might go into combat mode over you! I’m not really worried about shitting outside because I’ve been there done that. I’m just worried about you. Other than that, I know we’ll kill the couple interview. Honestly, my real concern is the medical portion. We just have to get past the medical exams.”

Agreed Husband. Agreed.


Happy Dance

Happy Dance


2 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. This is so cool! I had wanted to join the Peace Corps while in college. I had visions of going to Lesotho. Then babies happened 🙂 I’m so excited for you guys! Prayers going up for your confidence and fitness for duty to shine in your interviews!

    • Magaela my love!!! Thanks for the prayers, we are so excited and nervous all at the same time! I had an application idle every year since high school, and submitting one was my New Year’s Resolution year after year! lol We can’t wait to see how it works out! Hope the family is doing well! Love you!

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