Monday Munchies

In the wake of this drastic dietary change… I’ve had to sacrifice some of my most FAVORITE foods and settle for some pretty lame alternatives. Because I have failed to learn to cook, I have been very overwhelmed with the ever-growing list of what I cannot eat. My mom has graciously decided to join me on what she calls a “lifestyle adjustment.” While she’s having a ball, I simply want to die. Thanks for her though for keeping from starvation. Unfortunately, we’re about two weeks in so far and I’ve had two secret mess-ups. ONE: I went shopping with Husband, and I nearly threatened his life for a slice of pizza. I had two! TWO: I ate the SHIT out of a Big Zax Snack Meal the next day… in the car… at a gas station… far from the house.

As hard as it’s been, these are a few of my personal triumphs so far:

1. Homemade fruit pops: I am craving ice cream but I can’t have dairy anymore…so… I made my own popsicles with fruits and veggies in our juicer. I juiced cantaloupes, oranges, carrots, cucumbers, apples, and pears and froze them. They taste so amazing! Definitely a WIN!

Found these at Publix. Less than $5.

Found these at Publix. Less than $5.

2. Trail Mix: I absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly HATE(D) Trail Mix aka Bird & Squirrell Food. I hate nuts. Peanuts, specifically, give me heartburn like you wouldn’t believe. BUT… since I cannot eat processed sugars, chocolate, and gluten… I have learned to appreciate trail mix. They are jam packed with protein, which helps because I have limited my protein intake from meats that I cannot eat.

3. Almond/Coconut Milk: Holy Shit!!! This stuff is amazing! I prefer almond milk to the coconut milk, but they are both really great alternatives to dairy milk. I don’t have to worry about whether my milk is full of antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. These two alternatives also have WAY more calcium than cow’s milk. AND no tummy aches! SCORE!



4. Brown Rice: We all know that I, Jenn, am QUEEN of burnt rice. I can’t cook white rice to SAVE my life. It’s also pretty embarrassing considering I’m Hispanic and all!! Well, since I cant consume anything made from enriched flours or white bleaches, I am happy to say that I am a brown rice cooking master chef! I am cooking brown rice without a problem. Weird because I’ve always heard that it’s harder to cook brown rice than white rice. Whatever! At least I still get my rice & beans. PRAISE!

5. Coconut Oil: Cosmetic products like make-ups, lotions, shampoos, etc. and even processed foods we consume contain these things called xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogen) that are setting my endometriosis awry. So, I’ve been on the hunt for some all-natural products that I can use daily in place of lotions and shampoos. Well, I stumbled across coconut oil and I am completely OBSESSED! I use it as lotion, scalp treatment, and facial moisturizer. What’s even more amazing about it is that I can turn right around and use it as a vegetable oil substitute, in place of butter, as a jelly spread and the list goes on. There are some incredible health benefits to this stuff like it’s anti-bacterial and digestive healing properties, and it aids in weight loss by assisting your metabolism.

This stuff is LIFE CHANGING.

This stuff is LIFE CHANGING.

6. Drinking my veggies: Because I have to be so tedious in intaking the good stuff, I have been juicing my veggies. I’ve been consuming (1) way more than I ever would have eaten, and (2) vegetables that I NEVER would have eaten. I can see a change in my body already. I’ve shed two inches from my waistline and my skin is much clearer.

7. Flax Seed/Konsyl: I have been eating flax seeds in my oatmeal and have been adding a bit of the Konsyl fiber supplements into my vegetable juices and have noticed a change in my digestion. I also do this to be sure than I am getting a good amount of fiber each day. Because I am juicing my vegetables rather than eating them, I am losing out on the necessary dietary fibers that those foods provide. Insert Konsyl.

Good stuff but it cost about $20.

Good stuff but it cost about $20.

8. Carob: I am a choco-fiend. I love chocolate sooo much, ESPECIALLY in those few days right before my cycle comes. My love of chocolate results in breakouts, and weight fluctuations. Though I have only had a little bit of carob, I am thrilled. It’s a great chocolate substitute that tastes very similar. I can’t wait to get my hands on some. I am so glad I get to have my chocolate fix without all the breakouts and stomach aches.

9. Salmon: I hate seafood. But, we found this almond crusted salmon recipe on the Whole Foods website and as reluctant as I was to try it, it turned out pretty damn good. I was pleasantly surprised to see how un-fishy my dinner was, and was even more excited to have a new alternative to meat.
10. Sweet Potato Fries: I love my French Fries. Mom and I fried them in cold-pressed Rosemary Oil because I have to be very careful what types of vegetable oils I am consuming. Anyways, they were… AMAZEBALLS.

I am finally starting to feel like this gluten/dairy/soy/meat intolerance thing can become something manageable. I’m starting small, making minor adjustments and not punishing myself for my slip-ups. Rome wasn’t built in a day.



One thought on “Monday Munchies

  1. Ugh. I too have to avoid hormone/antibiotic infused foods. I hate seafood too! If you know of any non-fishy recipes, please do post links!

    Joy, Peace, and Blessins

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